HYS3C210-CS Switch Mode Power supply

Good day ! I have been working on a Monster Clarity HD1 multimedia speaker which has this HYS3C210-CS smps. Its is a very good monitor speaker but suddenly stopped. I found 2 diodes Sb260 and Sb160 shorted. I replaced them but still it is not working. At the back of the board as I believed is a driver chip and a ceramic capacitor encircled with red which are defective as shown on the photos. Can anyone share me the number and value of this SMD parts? I would appreciate much if somebody can also share me the schematic diagram of this SMPS. Thank you in advance bro. More power!
HYS3C210-CS Power supply.jpg HYS3C210-Cs power supply2.jpg
Good morning. Can anybody help me on my problem. I would be grateful if you can tell me the value of the C25 ceramic capacitor which is connected to the pin 3(Current sense input) of the PWM controller IC. It is in circled with red of the first photo above. This is the same power supply used in Canton Sub600 subwoofer. Thank you very much in advance.


2012-12-10 4:58 am
As you may be experiencing, finding parts lists and/or schematics for a SMPS is difficult, simply because the manufacturers don't publish them.
That said, in my experience, some of the more common failures are:
  • the output filter capacitors. They can be bad even if they are not swollen.
  • fractured solder joints, especially on the through-hole parts like power resistors, and the semiconductors attached to the heat sinks. The soldering just to the left of the circled chip looks bad.
  • the power semiconductors, which are the input bridge, the transistor(s) on the primary side of the transformer and the output diodes. These may need to be removed to be tested.
Good luck.
Thanks bro, I had tested and troubleshoot already the board and I just found out that one MosFET on the auxiliary supply for + &- 7 volts is defective and is driven by the PWM controller on the photo at the backside of the board, i got the number of the controller already but i need still the value of the capacitor C25. Can anyone knows the value of this ceramic smd cap. Thanks.