How to measure inductance in the x-over.


2007-11-18 4:51 am
Dear All,

I'm in the process of building speaker and I have some inductors from ready made x-overs from past projects, Which I could use in my current project.

The problem is, I dont have an LCR meter, And I dont wanna buy one if possible, cause all my budget will be spent on speaker parts and components. And I already stretched my budget.

I found this site that instructs on how to measure inductance.LINK , But I dont have a resistance decade box, Can a potentionmeter replace the resistance decade box?

Do you have any other methods on how to measure inductance without using LCR meter?

Are there Free downloadable computer software that could measure inductance?

Thank You .
you could use a variable resistor and after you have adjusted the resistor to give matching voltage reading then measure the variable resistor value.

the maximum current through the variable resistor is limited by the power rating.
P=I*I*R. A 10k 400mW pot has a maximum current of just 6mA
This maximum current must not be exceeded no matter what setting the resistor is set to. The big rheostat that you saw in the school science lab would probably do the job.

How about a new project?
Build yourself a decade box from 1% resistors. Or if you require accuracy for other test purposes buy 0.1% resistors for the range 10r to 1M.