How to convert P.C. Soundcard into U.S.B. or other port

Hello Everybody, I am in urgent need of help in converting P.C. Sound card into U.S.B. sound card as I want to use my Laptop for field recording .Proffesonaly available U.S.B. sound cards are out of my budget as they cost from Rs. 15,000/- to Rs.80,000/- whilst a P.c sound card with low latency costs around Rs.3,000/- only.I cannot connect my mixer output to laptop as it has only mic in and headphone out.Regards Vedmitra sharma from City Of Tajmahal if you wish you can email me on my id's that is [email protected] and [email protected].
no can do. the bus speed of PCI is far faster and requires different drivers, different power supply, different receivers. I think although it might be possible, you would spend a great deal of time and probably a reasonable amount of money doing it
Combine that with the fact that the PCI bus has orders of magnitude lower latency than the USB port, its just not going to be done.


2010-04-24 1:52 am
Not sure how to convert those figures to US Dollars, but there are some quite inexpensive USB sound interfaces around. Look for Behringer as one cheap brand name.

I presume you're comparing these to bottom-of-the-line PCI soundcards that have been around for well over over ten years and can be bought for under US $10. USB interfaces with stereo line in and line out should start in the $20 to $40 range. Here's a list of sound interfaces, sorted lowest price first - I have no idea if these companies will sell or ship internationally:

Sound Cards at Pricewatch - lowest prices, sales, price comparison

Worst case, put your mixer output into a resistive divider to reduce the level and go into your mic input. It's mono and probably not very hifi but it will work.