Holco vs. Dale RN55D


2001-04-07 10:03 pm
I am building a phono stage (Aleph Ono)

What are your opinions on the Dale RN55D versus the Holco resistor line?

Perhaphs I could spec the Dale in non-essential places and the Holco in the signal path and RIAA.

Or if it is worthwhile, perhaphs I should consider specing all resistors (non-powersupply) to be the Holco variety?


Aaron Finley


2001-08-17 6:00 pm
If you should consider the application to be sensitive, go for those non-magnetic types. It seems from some previous threads Holco's no longer making resistors of the non-magnetic variety. If you're unsure, go for Petter's advice by testing 'em out with a piece of magnet.

Dale's 55 and 60 works fine for me....

I don't know that I would worry that much about them being magnetic. Many other parts are magnetic. You might consisder the Caddock MK-132s( which I love) for the critical parts. Michael Percy usually keeps good stock of both types. I think they are better than the Dales but you pay for the difference...