ho do I upload a linear.com schematic


2003-02-17 7:38 pm
in windows <Prt Scrn> key captures image bitmap of your display, open Paint and paste: edit>paste or <ctrl-v>

then crop the image to just the drawing by using the select, cut, new drawing, paste sequence

large (full screen or larger) images are considered impolite, some people have lower res displays and dialup connections, compose your image to be readable but not wasteful of bandwidth

save as drawingname.gif

Don't use bmp (file too big) or jpeg (bad for line drawings, unreadable text)

use attach file feature in forum post reply window or link to your own online hosted image file ( photobucket.com has generous free image hosting limits; just copy the tag they create when you add your drawing to your photobucket album and put it in your post's text)

to add Lt SwCad circuit file to a post, I just make a copy and change .asc extension to .txt and attach