Hifonics Sampson


2006-09-22 8:32 am
I got this amp in for repair and all of the outputs are defective.

The outputs are IRFP360LC's Which the data sheet says 400V RDS(on)0.20 ohm ID=23A

Im wondering if the IRFP360's would work in there spot The data sheet for thoose are 400V RDS (on) 0.200 ohm 23A

Wondering if they would work or not since no one has stock on the 360lc's
Hifonics Sampson XXV Help needed PLEASE!

Hi all enthusiasts and professionals! Looking who could help with schematics for this amp?? Had this big fella working without a glitch for couple years until last week... When power on, one of the outputs failed, protection circuit didn`t kick in when it suppose to, which caused to fail all outputs on that side + put pressure on power section and ALL power fets also failed. There were lots of smoke and was expecting worse picture, but seems not too bad psychical damage... Yes i know the bill will be high enough due to amount of fets, but want to see it going again. So looking who could help me with a schematics as some diodes needs identification, + all IC`s on the driver board are brushed. Thanks in advance to anyone!

P.S maybe someone worked on those models before and knows how to improve protection circuit?