HHHhhhhmmmmmmm. . . $99 or DYI


2002-03-10 9:29 am
Rewind: Came time to re-wire the the antenna farm - correctly this time. Got me a spool of Belden 7916A, in HOA-friendly white, and tried out the DataShark compression F connectors from da Depot... cost effective and very easy to assemble. Very cool.

FastForward: Time to make a 25' component video cable for the HDTV. Found some Belden 1505F, in brighly colored R,G,B jackets, sold by the foot... this is goodness. Was going to solder on the fairly good gold-plated RCAs, you know the ones from Philmore for about $1.50 ea. BUT, found some compression style RCAs for the RG59 size of the B1505F cable from F-Conn, in gold, and thought I'd give them a try. I did have a compression tool already... or so I thought.

Play: Went to assemble the first connector and it was quite obvious that the $16 tool from da Depot was not going to do this job. A Web search revealedt that the 'right' tool was going to set me back $99 at a minimum. Hhhmmmm, have a pile of connectors that cost less than $20 and need a tool that costs over $100 -- color me disgruntled. :confused:

But wait! I just remembered, I DIY . . .

Have fun,


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