Help with unknown mixing console

I posted the same question on probably wrong subforum.
Let's try on this one, maybe I will have more luck here :)
Recently I got this small old mixing console.
It has 6 channels with Haufe mic input transformers and Alps faders.
It is probably made in Germany in late '80' or early '90
Anybody recognize this consile and is it worth to use.
Thank you in advance!


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It looks like a bespoke mixer for conference rooms, with line and microphone inputs, and outputs for the PA system and tape recorder. The power supply seems to be external. If you plan to reuse it, at the very least DIN connectors must be replaced with XLR (or RCA). Build quality is good. The microphone preamplifier section is probably tailored for dynamic microphones.
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is it worth to use
Do you have any use for it?
Do you know which power supply is needed?
Not sure many, if at all, will know about it, looks like a very well made but obscure product, made by a small Company.
You might get lucky, of course.
If you got it by chance or for free and want to sell it, don´t hold your breath, just found a same brand monoblock amplifier on German EBay, after a few weeks it sold for mere 20 Euro :(
Anybody recognize this consile and is it worth to use.
Could be! Looks great, and maybe you can solder sockets and experiment with different opamps. Care is needed with the decoupling for modern opamps.

For the experimenters: you have to try these Lelon caps, the same ones shown here. I think they are REA 85 degrees series, the blue ones. Inexpensive. I am recommending them because I preferred these to other common capacitors soundwise.
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