[HELP] Which Molex Terminals for CL240D10C


I am DIY newbie and any help with the below would be greatly appreciated.

What would be the part numbers for Molex Spade Tongue or Ring connectors that would fit screw terminals of Crydom CL240D10C? Got stuck :confused: on selecting those terminals for wiring. DC side is 12VDC, and AC is 120V 6A at maximum.

What awg wires should be used for AC and DC sides?

Thank you in advance, Dmitry
Well, nobody is helping you, and you are new. I've used crydom ss relays, the factory crib always had the right terminal. Ring/spade terminals in the US are sold in screw size of the hole. I think the standard US ss relay has about a #8 machine screw on the signal side (maybe #6) and #10 machine screw on the load side. Buy terminals with holes bigger than that. If you don't know what diameters those are, look at the clearance hole chart stamped into your drill index or look on wikipedia about machine screws.Mcmaster.com has a lot of charts for newbies on hardware. You wire size should be determined by the current of the load. The best wire size chart is in the NEC book (national electrical code) which you should memorize, for 3 wires in air. If you can't find one of those books, look at the tables in alpha wire for load currents, on the internet. Probably your signal side wire will be determined more by your terminal supply than the current. Red crimp terminals only go down to 22 ga, and electrical supply houses only sell down to 18 ga, so buy either 18 or 22 whichever you can get. 22 ga is really high now, europe is requiring silver plated wire, so if you can get away with unplated copper wire (no soldering) from the electrical supply, you'll want that. Use wire rated greater than the voltage you are running, probably THHN type for the load side, or MTW. I find crimp tools from Ideal and Klein work a lot better than the imitation stuff. Good luck.
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