help me to improve my book shelf speakers

Diving, of course


First you have to dive into it, and search wich one is the part to blame, you can disconect the drivers and separately feed with music to see the results (take care of the tweeter), look for mistakes in building the crossover, or you just simply argue with the shop that sold you the pair.

How much did they cost you?
i opened the jpw is using a 6db parallel crossover.2.2 uf capacitor is connected to the tweeter.and an inductor is connected to the woofer.i don't know the value of the woofertweeter is a 6ohm dome type.i paid almost 270 american dollars.woofer is a6.5 inch with fibre glass cone.i feel they are cutting the midrange to get more bass and trebble.sensitivity seems to be very low comparing with my old speaker.i am using rotel 930 cd-player and nad 304 amp.i feelboth the drivers are made by peerless


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2001-09-18 2:33 am
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Read a review of the 201, the 202's little brother.

Peerless of India has bought the parent company of JPW, and moved the manufacturing to India. The marketing for JPW is still done in England.

Peerless of India is now completely separate from Peerless of Denmark. How much their drivers might resemble Peerless of Denmark's, I couldn't guess.

Given these above facts, it seems logical that Peerless of India makes the drivers for your JPW. Their website has frequency response charts and the Thiele-Small parameters. You might try contacting the company to find which models went into your JPW 202. If they were separate companies, they might not reveal that information. But since the companies appear to be one now, I think they will tell you. Unless they made a special driver just for the 202, not available to the public.

Of course, the model numbers are likely to be listed on the back of the drivers, once you remove them. This would save you an Email or phone call.

Peerless of India website:

Good luck! :)