Help! Hearing a tone instead of music


2016-02-05 6:15 pm
I had an old MTX Thunder 2160 sitting around as well as some speakers so I thought I'd make a couple speaker boxes out of them. The amp is powered by an EVGA 400W power supply that can supports 30a on the 12v rail. Speakers are wired in series/parallel for a total impedance of 2ohm and 120rms each.

When I plug in a Bluetooth receiver, laptop, iPod, pretty much anything, all I hear out of the speakers is a tone. But when I use my old Sony TV as the audio source everything works perfect. I can't figure it out.

Any thoughts on this?


2013-05-10 4:11 pm
First, 2 Ohms is about half of what most normal amps should be asked to handle. Up that to 4 Ohms at least.

But for the rest I think you are in the wrong forum. Try the Car Audio where they'll be more familiar with your amp and speakers, or the Amplifiers - Solid state.