Help fixing my klipsch speakers...

Just yesterday I was playing music at a somewhat loud volume (I've played music louder through these speakers before), and my sister came by and turned my computer off while the speakers were still blasting music and now the left speaker no longer works. I took my dad's left speaker from his computer (he as the same series klipsch speaker) and it worked fine, so obviously the problem lies withing my speaker... somewhere. If any of you know how I could go about fixing this I would greatly greatly appreciate it (if I can get a 5-10 dollar part that would fix this I would much rather do that than purchasing $150 speakers to replace these). Here are some pictures of the speaker opened up:

This picture is of the inside of the speaker, I know it is blurry but the white block is labeled "5W 5(ohm symbol)J" And the black round thing is labelled "4µF 100V" And the red coil does not have any label on it at all...


And this picture is just of the outside of the speaker:


And by the way, the speaker does not work at all... 0 sound output, not staticy output, just nothing at all. I really appreaciate any hints you guys might have. Thanks a ton!
Klipsch tech support is usually friendly and will repair for a small fee. Maybe ask them first what the fee will be?

You may check some things with a multimeter. Check what's the resistance between red cable and black cable with the speaker disconnected. Check the resistance of the coil between each end, it should be a small number near 0. Check the resistance between each end of the resistor (white block) it should be 5 ohms. Check the resistance between each leg of the black round thing (capacitor), the resistance should be infinite. Try also the resistance between both cables going directly into the speaker (white and turquoise?).

You could have broken the tweeter, but since you said no sound at all, it's a bit harder to break the midrange driver. Probably a connection is now loose, or you burnt a trace on the PCB (?).