Help Adding A 3.5mm Jack To Factory Stereo

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I am about to attempt a project to add a 3.5mm jack to my 2002 Pontiac Bonneville's factory radio, so I can connect my iPod to it without having to buy an aftermarket radio. Also, I know there are FM transmitters and such, but they all have reduced quality which I don't want to give up. I am thinking about taking out the factory radio, opening it up, unsoddering the cd player's audio inputs, and resoddering in a RCA cable, which I can convert into a 3.5mm jack on the other end. Does this sound right? Also does anyone have a schematic or layout of the soddering points inside the radio so I know where the cd player's audio inputs are on the circuit board?
A 2002 Bonneville should have an AC Delco radio in it. There are a bunch of different styles, if you are lucky you might have one with provisions for an external cd changer or satelite radio. In which case it will be a lot easier. Do a search on AC Delco radios and try and figure out your model by looking at the faceplates etc.
Sorry, yeah as spwalek said, my radio was made by AC Delco. It has a CD/Aux button, but I haven't figured out how to use the aux feature. Probably needs to be engaged some how like how the CD player needs a CD in it to run it. Yeah, I guess I probably wouldn't need any RCA cables, my bad there, a simple 3.5mm jack would probably work. Here is a picture of the radio, I've searched, but can't find the specific model it is.
An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.
Ok, nice front panel.
Keep looking around it to find the "Aux" connector mentioned there.

As a side note, get the model (it must be written somewhere) and google the User Manual which should explain it.
Or write AC Delco for it.

I advise against opening it.
It's certainly SMT built, and does not have a "physical" volume pot, but some digital volume control chip.
Ah, be careful with those stupid "thetflock" OEM radios. If you accidently lock the radio it can be a headache to get it unlocked again.

Also, if the cd/aux feature of the radio is not enabled right now, the only way to enable it is with a device like a TechII scan tool. These radios are also married to the VIN of the car they came in, so if you did mess this one up you can't just buy another one on ebay for $30 and throw it in without having it reprogrammed.
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Sorry about posting a bit late, had my wisdom teeth taken out. The adapter would probably work, but Im looking for something a bit cheaper. Im told my friend about my plans and hes gonna try and get a schematic of the chip in my head unit so I can unsolder the connections for the cd player, and hopefully add a toggle switch that will allow the input connections to be used by both the cd player and the mp3 player with a flick of a switch. Does this sound right?
Well I've opened it up and it leads from a wiring harness through a series of other soldered points into point around the chip. I have been having trouble finding schematics on the chip, but I assume theres a few points around the chip that you could unsolder and resolder new wires into and input a new source.
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