2008-03-10 8:21 pm
I was asked to introduce myself. I have been into audio all my life. I am 60yo now which sucks. I am still using epi speakers I bought back in 1975. I built my preamp in 1979 and most of system from that era. All still work great. I still have a DBX box and a teac taperecorder reel to reel. All tapes still good. I built an amp when I built my preamp but amp Failed in realy 90s. So I purchased an adcom 5454II. The reason I joined thsi group is because my adcom which does not get much use stopped working on one channel. I was bummed and looking to replace or fix it. Checking internet and especially this web site I found a schematic and checked the fuse as shown and it was the problem. Thanks to this forum I am back in business.