Hello from Nottingham, UK


2010-11-18 6:31 pm
Hi people.

Just want to say Hi. My names Chris and I'm mad on speakers (Is there such a medical condition?!?)

My current little project is building some form of I-Pod dock that is portable with a big sound, sort of like the ghetto blaster projects i've seen on here (But compact)

Couple of pics:

This was the mk1 version which sounded like absolute gash:
It had a 3 way crossover but the box was well to small for the woofer.
The piezo tweeter was just for trial, but that also sounded horrible and don't even get me started on the midrange lol. All in all it was a fail (But the amp I used on it was great, see below)

Mk 2 version:

2 Dayton audio ND105-8's (4") and the same amp I used before. Sounds a lot better than before but the box is again still too small. The F3 is about 115Hz.

So the mk3 is going to be based on the same drivers but a larger enclosure. Not decided what type but Im thinking ported. I will use the same amp but it isnt quite powerfull enough but that brings me onto what brought me to this site which was the reviews on the Lepai Tripath TA2020 Class-T Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier, so im thinking of giving that a go at one point.