"Gruv-Glide" Are you experienced?


(to quote a site): ""...Gruv Glide is a new dry record treatment that actually enhances the sound of the record. Prior to its development, even the highest quality cartridge could not produce the maximum available reproduction from the phono record. Now, for the first time, the use of Gruv Glide brings out the best possible sound. Gruv Glide not only increases the fidelity of the record, but also reduces surface noise, removes static, and cleans the record. The treated record and cartridge stylus will last longer due to the increased tracking ability and reduced friction.""

HMMM... It's not a new treatment. It was around in 1980 and most of the endorsements (eg. Stereophile) come from that era.
No one seems able or willing to say what is is however. My own opinion is that it's not of extraterrestrial origin. I think it might be under our noses, maybe in our auto-parts shops.

It's reputed to reduce friction by 15%!!!

I'M NOT recommending this product, but I'm intrigued by it. I don't have the info at hand at this moment, but my research suggests it maybe be polybdenum, PTFE or a combination of both. There is a super fine DRY POLYBDENUM (WE'RE TALKING 0.4 MICRON!!!) that could, threoretically cut surface noise and pops considerably. I'm going to buy some and check this out under microscope on a couple really old records.

I'd offer links, but I have to check forum rules. I don't think we're supposed to link to commercial sites (understandably).
If Gruv-Glide is what i presume it is (a MoS2/Molybdenum-Disulfite preparate) the reduction of friction is only temporary.

It should counteract washing effort to some degree.
Besides that, most of my records are 1st pressings and hard to replace. I feel not inclined experimenting with them and finding later there are long-term deterioations.