Good wide range mid.

I am bulding some near field monitors for my little music studio.

now i have some full rangers i relaly like that i use for a small system , I know i cant have full ranger LOUD near field monitors, so ill keep as much of that "full rangeness" as possible and beef up the ends of the spectrum with tweeters and woofers.

there will be a pair of separately powered small subs to look after the non-directional frequencies below 100 or so hz. and a tweeter in the box with the mid. seperately powered with electronic xover.

i would just like to get some idea what drivers to look at

wide range, i would like the crossover to tweeter to be high. and the speaker to go down to around 100hz.

small 3, 4, or 5 inch

not super expensive, around $100-200US pair

i would like them to be able to go very loud if neccesary,

I was thinking of powering the mid with a LM3886 chipamp, since i have a few.

the cabinet will be very small, there is limited space. shouldnt be hard with 100hz

the crossover and time delay etc, are all done in DSP

the room is treated with absorbers, diffusers, and bass traps.
it is multi purpose studio and mini home theater, with a pull down projection screen. (different speakers for that)

and has anyone got REAL numbers on where sound becomes non directional. because i dont want my subs to be anywhere near that freq!

andy driver suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
best regards