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Good SS amp starter kit

Hey all.
Ok, do not flame me for this because I am not trying to make a buck as much as I am trying to pass on something to someone who can actually use it. If no-one claims it, it goes to the trash dump. (actually, if no-one buys it, I may be back for some circuit modification advice)

I have on Ebay right now a Dynaco 4 Channel SS power amp that is not working. It is quasi-comp. I have the reverse engineered schematics. The starting price is dirt... you cannot buy the transformers for what i want for it.

Just take a look and see if someone needs a very good starter kit (2 DUAL power transformers, 4 driver boards (each with own PS section, big heat sinks, 8 OP trannys, ATA flight case)


Pbassred said:
Like he says, he can't the parts.

The sale is USA only. I always wonder why someone posts on an international forum about a local situation. Its nearly always Americans :confused: . You know the rest of the world is a real place? Not just on the TV. It actually exists! There's people and trees and other money, they talk different and everything!!


The subject is off topic but I think it needs to be addressed.

This is my opinion and is from first hand experience. I can walk up to any UPS or USPS counter in the US, hand them a box, give them some money and not really give it a second thought..as long as I am shipping to the US. To ship outside of the US requires the third degree as well as plenty of paperwork and higher costs. Also to consider is the greater risk of damage or perhaps the potential for the package not arriving at all! I understand insurance is available but it is similar to pulling teeth from a T-Rex....who wants to deal with all that if the majority of the risks cam be minimised? The US is a pretty large market and us not USUALLY a limiting factor for a seller. I'm not sure how it is sending stuff from other nations, but my assumption is that in most places you gotta fill out the forms no matter where the package is going, which means the shipper would be less picky about the destination.

I think that some non US residents take it the wrong way when they are not included in a potential sale. I really don't think it's anything 'personal', it's simply leaps and bounds simpler for the shipper to plan costs, etc to ship US to US.

Yes, we know the rest of the world is a real place. I'm sure most of us appreciate your reminding us :)

Sorry to interrupt the thread...

Many items for sale in the Trading Post are only of interest to locals, wherever they might be, mostly if they weigh more than a certain amount, such as amps and transformers.

People from India have threads here about where to buy stuff there, and I find it inspiring that they are doing DIY, even though its pretty darned hard for the little guy there to get parts. I enjoy reading about their components that are sometimes different than ours. I'll bet they are pretty aware of the existance of England, and aren't doing it because they are unaware of the rest of the world.

There is no rule that people shouldn't post items of local interest on this forum, so I'd say your critisism is off base.

However, there is a rule to post things for sale by private parties in the Trading Post only, so I have moved this thread.
Hold up! I never once suggested that he shouldn't sell it wherever he wants to. Postage and customs are horrendous for USA export, so its natural to only sell internally.

Actually I was blind in not realising which board I was on. Sales are a little different so, again, naturally you tell everyone. So my comments were in the wrong place. Might have been useful to mention at the end that it was USA only though. All the same. my apologies for this.

I don't think the Indian anallogy was relavent. After all, a guy in Kansas or Barcelona might be the guy who supplyes to India. So supply to different contries IS an international issue. At least the Indian guys tend to mention that its about India, rather than saying:- "these component are hard to find".