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For Sale Gilmore Dynalo and Dynahi PCB kits with matched transistors

Things you have for sale.
Two Dynalo kits left with genuine well matched transistors available after getting parts for my own needs.

Included in Dynalo kits:
2 x Dynalo amp boards
1 x Golden Reference supply board
2 x THAT340 converter PCBs for Toshiba 2SJ74 + 2SK170BL JFETs (other adapters available for LSK489 & LSJ689, see pics)
32 NPN & PNP tightly matched MPSW56 & MPSW06 output transistors. (16 per board)
12 x well matched VAS/CSS transistors (6 per board)

Two Dynalo kits left
£45 GBP + shipping - EU should be around £7 tracked, USA £11 tracked

Also two more Dynahi kits available - £65


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