Fullrange for me?

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I am in need of some small speakers for my bedroom, and I will be listening to mostly swing and jazz and possibly a bit of classical, but nothing that is heavily bassy.

I listen to a lot of Michael Buble, and Ella Fitzgerald. For 100ish budget in drivers I thought two 50 dollar fullrange might be a better investment than a 30 dollar woofer and 20 dollar tweeter.

Any thoughts? They will be used in a smallish room that will be about 15 feet from the listening position.
I'd recommend full range.
I listen to a pretty wide variety of music including a lot or alternative rock and more folkstyle rock along with classic rock, jazz, and a little classical from time to time and my full range have never given me any problems playing everything.

Are you willing to spend all $100 on drivers? If so the Audio Nirvana 6.5" may be a good choice $98/pr

Good Luck,

Fostex Fe127e is a very good fullranger for the price, but I suppose it costs a bit more than 50$ in the US.

It has wonderful mids, well extended highs and sounds quite neutral to my ears. It is very detailed, and you will hear things you never noticed before.

I recommended them to a friend, and he's really pleased with them !

If you can afford them, they are way better than my TangBand W3-871S, which is a good speaker for the price too !

Not tested the CSS fr125, it must be a good driver too, with more bass than Fe127. I think they are a little more expensive.
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De toute façon, je pense que je vais aller avec le "CSS FR125"s. Ils devraient être meilleurs que le "Fostex" je pense.
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I don't know if the CSS or Fostex is better, I couldn't compare. I'm just sure the CSS will have more bass, due to its higher Qts and higher Xmax than the Fe127e which has a little lack of bass.

Salut ! ;)
Dear BJ,

I'm a bit late in on this one, but I do notice that you mentioned the HiVi BS3. I think a pair of these would go very nicely in a pair of Cyburgs Needles.

Lots of people in Europe have made these but perhaps not so many in the US. It would be nice to hear what you think of them esp with some drive units that are easily available in the USA.

Regards - Jem
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