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FS: Enclosures


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2009-09-11 3:40 am
Beautiful zebra wood boxes that are suitable for a pair of amplifiers. Boxes measure approximately 13.5" by 5.5" by 5". Chromed hinged lid. Chromed top plates that are 3" by 12" - they still have the protective plastic on them. The side shown is the bottom. They're not scratched on top. Interior aluminum framework for the mounting of tubes sockets, transformers, etc. - whatever your project desires.

$100 plus 25 shipping in the US.

Look at the following:


The price is for BOTH - everything you were supposed to see. ha, ha.

Those are very nice.

I love the full range speakers in the picture. Are those some kind of folded horn? They've got nerd appeal and snob appeal all rolled into one. :D

Is this similar to what you're selling?
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