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DCB1 totally new special parts...special results!!! SOLD
DC offset L=-0.3mv R=-0.5mv
L=1077mv and R=1035mv on R=2.2Ω
Positive 9.28V Negative 9.28V

Two Νippon Semi 22.000 uf bank
matched quad 2SK170BL at 9.6 ma Idss the
rest 2SK170BL at 9.4-9.5ma
matched 2 X IRF240 and 2 X IRF9240
PRP 9372 resistors
DALE CMF 60 = 220Ω,220ΚΩ,1Μ
Muse Nichicon 100uf/25 X 3
2R2 5W Kiwame Resistor for Hot Rod at CCS 500 ma .
Very Fast Diode PURP 860 35ns
The sound is incredible!!!!
Pm accept offers..


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