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FS a LynxTWO-A model PCI Sound card

LynxTWO-A model, with four analog inputs and outputs with all of the breakout cables
This is a used full-size PCI sound card .
Lynx Two 24-bit/192kHz Multi-channel Audio Interface
A model also provide comprehensive digital I/O facilities: a single digital in and out in either AES-EBU or S/PDIF format.
All the analogue I/O emerges from an L2Audio 25-way D-type connector, which interfaces with a 1.8-metre-long multiway cable a full 14mm thick, terminating in eight XLR plugs and sockets

The Price for the used LynxTWO A Model with the breakout cables $450.00 Plus Shipping
Lowered Price $300.00 Plus Shipping
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Photos of Lynx TWO, A Model
How did it sound ? Neutral, I guess but I have not had it in a PC for 5 years.