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free samples

I haven't any information about this.
Do i need to do something other than the pm.
I sent this at 25 September.
Do i expect a pm asking for postage adress?

My thoughts exactly, and it´s not even April 1. :D
I findt it strange though, that SSAudio would throw a teaser like that, and then do nothing to follow up. Not even emptying their PM box:goodbad:
Well.... News....
The common perception were, that we were able to collect some samples from Burson to try out and play with. This is obviously not the case here.
Here´s what I got from Burson Audio, when asking about this thread:

"Hi xxxxx,

Thank you for your feedback and question. No, that thread is from one of our marketing team members, I think the title has not been done properly and I have asked them to correct that. But we offer the member of the DIY audio community a chance to trail/sample of our range of opamp and share their honest feedback to the rest of the community.

I have referred your email to one of our marketing team members if you have any question regarding our trail program feel free to contact them.

Warm regards
Dennis "

I guess their marketing people picked out a couple of experienced users by doing some reading/research on DIYAudio, and sent them a couple of samples.
Taken the price point on Burson´s op-amps, I had the feeling, that this offer was too good to be true anyway :)
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Received mine today. Thank you !
I have purchased two more for a small compensation to Burson for such great offer.

I have used Burson opamps (the tht version) in the past with excellent results in a NAIM cd5i. Now this new version looks like smd one. So, a dissection will come to see if they use same schematic and which parts.



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A quick look inside reveal to me a familiar schematic in smd format.
If they sound as good as the old ones, I'll be very satisfied.
That 2 diode protection on Vdd&Vss is not necessarily. In fact will degrade the sound a bit. So, this will be the first mod. ;-)



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