Foam Surround Kits-Any Good?


diyAudio Moderator Emeritus
2001-09-18 2:33 am
Connecticut, The Nutmeg State
Someone I know has old Genesis sealed box speakers. They have a 10" woofer, 8" midrange, and inverted dome tweeter. The foam surrounds have completely rotted, on both the 10" and the 8" drivers.

I am about to recommend foam surround repair kits from Parts Express. My question is-has anyone used these kits and gotten satisfactory results?

I am somewhat concerned about the fact that cones vary in size from manufactuerer to manufacturer. For instance, cone diameter of 10" speakers can vary from below 8" to near 8.5". If the cone diameter is even just 1/4" less than what the surround is built for, then the circumference will be more than 3/4" smaller. Hard to see how you can make that fit.

Anyway, if anyone has used these kts, whether from Parts Express or other places, please advise. If you used the kits made specifically by the speaker manufacturer, please mention that fact before recommending the foam replacement kit-I don't want to confuse the generic models with the manufacturer's special model.

I appreciate any advice available on this.


diyAudio Moderator Emeritus
2001-09-18 2:33 am
Connecticut, The Nutmeg State
Mr. Feedback:

Thank you for your answer. My next question is: were these foam surrounds generic or from the speaker manufacturer especially made for their speaker?

Given the variation in cone diameter among manufacturers, even among 10" and 12" speakers, I just wanted to make sure that I wouldn't run into a situation where there is a half inch of foam surround left over because the generic surround was made for a slightly larger 10" speaker!

Now that I think about it, I would guess it likely that the foam stretches slightly, like a sock, to accommodate slight variations in size. But I don't know this for a fact, so I am asking experienced users. is the supplier that I get the vulcanised surrounds from.
Just search on 'surround' and you will find 3 sizes.
The 'special' glue that they mention is some kind of latex liquid that dries clear, but remains slightly tacky, like that used on some driver cones and domes.
The amount that they supply is barely enough. is another supplier but I have not used them.

The technique is to glue the surround to the cone, allow it to dry 24 hours, and then glue the surround to the basket, allow another 24 hours drying time and you have a renovated driver.

Has anyone tried making their own surrounds?

I have a number of old alnico full-ranges with no surrounds left, and inspired by some chamois surrounded RCA firld coils (and a lovely japanese 8") was thinking of using chamois or treated synthetic felt to make a flat surround (these things don't have much xmax). If one built a form they could probably also be shaped into an inverted half-roll.

kelticwizard -- are the genesis the ones with the green surrounds? Human Speakers does specific Genesis parts althou i don't know whether they will supply a resurround kit or insist on doing it for you.