finished the dayton's with my first crossover used

Congrats on the first project! Since you're asking for suggestions, here's some possible weaknesses you could improve on in the design, in order of difficulty;

1. The tweeter and the woofer are too far apart, especially crossing at 3500hz.

2. 3500hz seems a little too high an XO point for the woofer, since the FR graphs look like its breaking up badly at that point.

3. Not sure by looking at things, but since you didnt mention it anywhere I assume you just used a formula or online calculator to arrive at your XO. Really you should at least measure the drivers with a mic/impendace jig type setup, then design around that and verify with more measurements. Ideally, you would measure and then use your measurements in appropriate modelling software (FRC tools, Speaker Workshop, LSPCad, soundeasy etc). Without at least some measurement capability, you are sort of shooting in the dark when designing passive XOs. This would be a logical 'next step' to take if you want to make this a long-term hobby.

These are not meant as criticisms of your design, if you are enjoying the sound and learned something from working on it, then mission accomplished! Just suggestions for further improvement.