Nelson Pass

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2001-03-29 12:38 am
That article only makes reference to the old 208E Sigma, which
is not that great a driver compared to more recent Fostex
offerings. The current FE208Ez is what I would consider a
superb midrange. It is capable of doing bottom end like the
other 8 inch offerings in the category of high-efficiency / full
range but it does need a tweeter at about 10 KHz and above.

It is extremely efficient and has a pretty smooth response with
surprising clarity. At the top you will see some diffraction issues
which impart some directionality, but I consider it a great driver.


2003-02-04 12:23 am
tonitze said:
Thanks Nelson Pass and Oliver. I'm just getting a bit confused to which driver should I go for. What you guys think of FE208EZ with FT17H instead of the recommended T90A. Will it match nicely? This was a suggestion by friends to minimize cost if I should go for FE208EZ.


you should be looking at the least expensive fountek or arum cantus ribbon tweeter rather than either fostex super tweeter (..which kind of splits the difference in price between the 2 fostex tweets).

check out Peder's BassZilla: