Hi all.

I have just managed to buy a pair of Akai Jetstream cabinets with completely original FE103a drivers. I have read on the forums that the Buschorn would be a good replacement cabinet for these. I have also seen some mods performed by Planet10, are these mods essential? If so, are they some thing that I could do? Limited skills to be honest, and the costs in sending to north America are prohibitive as well.

Look forward to reading some replies, thanks in advance.

The drivers are good out of the box -- althou some get syiff surround syndrome, and at least of the Fosters, the glue that holds the surround to the cone can dissipate and the surounds need regluing.

The few Akais i've seen had National units in them that showed neither of these problems.

They can be improved but i'd start out with them stock.

They would probably work even better in Frugel-Horn Mk3, and we do know they work very well in Aiko.