FBT enquiry


2020-03-05 10:08 am
Hi - I’ve had my FBT 8 ba Jolly monitors shipped to me in the UK. I had them in the US where I bought them working at 110v. There is nothing on the back about voltage, do you think they will work here in the UK on 230? There is no dual voltage etc info on the back of them.
Any thought if I can plug them straight in to 230 or would I need to convert them.
Many thanks in advance.

Ps They are available here in the UK so must come out of Italy ready for the UK market.
The pic on FBT's website clearly shows 220-230V marked beside the IEC - so I'd assume they manufacture specific versions for each market. I certainly wouldn't plug a 110V model into 240V mains without being sure.
If you're still not convinced - contact FBT directly.