2012-12-13 3:05 pm

with the ESS AMT 1 there is a peak in the frequency response around 5000 Hz. Is there a good way to get rid of this peak by tweaking the AMT like damping it or does one need to adress this peak in the crossover?

Any other tips regarding the large ESS AMT are welcome! How about extending the waveguide? What midwoofers to use with it?

Thank you very much!


2013-01-16 2:52 pm
You can't put waveguides for the AMT, you would increase the peak that is your problem, right?
And the problems that you would create would be "worse the remedy than the disease", because the cut of the xover is calculated at the right point, since the folded diaphragm covers the middle range very well.

I have heard the entire ESS classic line for years and my opinion is that everyone is missing a bit of attack, of impact on the media, (too soft) but adding a transducer and calculating a new frequency divider I see it as a heresy . He's a great speaker, don't mess it up.


2013-01-16 2:52 pm
They look beautiful ! They bring me many memories ....... :cool:


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That peak is a reflection within the heils plastic structure. You can see the small gaps where the waveguide and plastic meet. That allows reproduced frequencies from behind the waveguide structure to mix with the frequencies that are directed forward. You can experiment with felt or another absorbitive material to help mitigate the reflection.

I have DSP and also agree with academia50 , seems once you begin to correct the overall response of the amt, you kill the life of it. Hard to rationalize that. Let it be.

FWIW I have mine paired with FaitaPro 15/400 crossed at 1240hz. This is a 2way. The 15/400 is in a 180l sealed and stuffed box. Sounds great.