echoplex ep-4, head hook up help


2008-01-30 4:29 am
hi folks,
well I have an echoplex ep-4 tape echo unit which has seen better days.
I received the unit with the playback and record/erase heads disconnected.
I can read the schematic and see where the wires are suppose to attach to
the circuit boards, but can only locate two points where to hook up the three wires ( pb, rec and erase). playback is on the main board, but the rec head looks to go to a smaller board near the motor with bias osc tansformer - but I have only one connection point and it looks to be for the erase head.

does anyone have a working ep4 who can trace the head wires and provide the details as to their connections on the pcb? it seems the rec head should go to the wiper of the bais trimmer, but that is connected to the board.

any help is appreciated.

best and thanks,


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I wish I had a working EP tape echo. I haven't even seen one for a very long time.

I've repaired many Watkins CopyCat's over the years, but it's been a long time since I've seen one now.

Incidently, the world famous BBC Radiophonic Workshop many decades ago used to do echo with a room in the cellar :D They simply routed the audio down to a speaker in the cellar, and microphone signals back up - that's what you call echo.