diy car media player/server

I own a ser 3 1991 alfa 33
I’m thinking of building my own in car media player/server and would like some guidance.
I’d like it to be able to do the following
FM Dab+ radio
Play hi res files
Hold my entire music collection, lossless only 102gb+
Bluetooth phone calls, maybe allow others to stream but I have tried it and its noisy
Sat nav
Built in DSP to do Time alignment, Phase alignment, Frequency Equalisation, Fir or IIR filters or convolver
Auto dimming Touchscreen HD display
Instant turn on

I have a few options
1 I can remove the heater controller and have the whole centre console as a touchscreen
2 Move the heater controller to the bottom and have the rest of the centre console as a touchscreen
3 Move the heater controller to the top and again have the rest of the centre console as a touchscreen
4 Move the heater controller to the bottom and have the top of the centre console as a touchscreen like a double din.

I was thinking of a SBC (single board computer) with UPS battery so that it can wake up from a sleep state, rather than a long hard boot, not meaning in influence any ideas, maybe a raspberry pi?

Arduino to control the heater controllers and switch with servo motors, or remove a fully motorised heater controller box from a new donor car?

Im after HQ not SP
My current system is

pioneer deh-4400bt
vibe slick stereo 4 v1
Focal ES165KX2 (bi-amped)
JL Audio 500 Slash 1
JL Audio 10w3v3-2 Sealed enclosure

Measuring equipment
miniDSP UMIK-1 + REW
Win 7 laptop
Win 10 pc
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An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.

It would be a easy to reroute air, then heater controls. The stock layout looks so very nice. Very period correct.

The new Android auto has a Unit that does all of this and Digital out as well. Also does the Hi rez streaming apps as well.

Personally? Id rather have a screen i can take out of the car and just have mounts for the screen so I can keep it very clean up front.

But as far as car PC's go these days? The Pi 3 sure seem to have a ton of promise with freedsp boards. I heard about them, Seen some reviews from DIYCARAUDIO, but no one I know outside of germany really knows much about that stuff. Or some R&D house or factory.
Thanks for the reply but it is not what I was asking.

I considered moving the air vents to on the dash but it limits directionality of air.
As I said, I’m thinking of building my own, does the new android auto have full HD, allow Fir IIr filters time alignment.... etc and do everything I want?
Moving the controls are easy, removing them would be even better
I will be fabricating a new centre console when im done

I was thinking of the Pi 4
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IIRC, the first post in a thread is an exception. had discussions of stuff like that. Sadly, the site died almost 4 years ago, but it can be visited at

More recently, modifying dashes to accept ridiculously large iPads is apparently a thing. See the "Amplified" channel on Youtube; he sells slide-in iPad mounts or you can send him a dash or console to modify. I'm no Apple fan, but they do seem to have built a lot of I/O capability into that charging plug.
I was thinking of the Pi 4

From my understanding, RPis don't run Android very well at all. You may be better off with something like this;
iWave Systems Launches NXP i.MX 8QuadMax / i.MX 8QuadPlus SBC
which can come with Android 9. I have a Joying unit in a 2007 Outback and the AM/FM radio is rubbish. DAB+ doesn't work very well either because of buildings blocking the signal.
android doesnt allow you to run any filters, or even a convolver, so not on my list
no price on that board, looks way over spec'd for what i need, whats the user base and support like, i know RPi's are well supported.
I looked at the joyings newer models, still android and no filters.

surely it cant be that hard to make my own
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