Dayton RS270 vs. Peerless 850146 What should I do??

It's a battle of "sexy" versus "statistics". I've narrowed it down to these 2 drivers. It's a 90 liter sealed enclosure, 2 woofs per side sealed. Both woofers like that cabinet size for 2 drivers. Stereo pair of "subs" (well woofers really), 4 drivers total. Music only. 150 watt plate amp w/5dB boost at 35Hz.

Modeling without 5dB boost yields:
Peerless F3=52 Hz F6=39Hz F10=29Hz
Dayton RS270 F3=55 Hz F6=42Hz F10=31Hz

The Peerless is $6 more per driver but has a 9mm Xmax as compared to 6.6 on the RS270. It also has a lower Fs 22.6 compared to 26 on the Dayton. I do get a slightly higher (1dB) output with the 2 Daytons though and the Daytons certainly *look* much cooler with the sexy phase plug!

If I leave my bass boost on, both have an F10 in the mid 20's. Both are 8 ohm so they would work well paralleled to my 150W plate amp.

Which way would you go between those 2 drivers? I'm stumped.