d'Appolito (MTM) Comparison

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Been thinking of building a pair of these .
Have not built anything for many years and have read some about this design and thought would be a great project as can use as fronts , centers , rears or anywhere .
Would like to use the higher end of components .
Watching ebay see that Dynaudio , Seas , Focal , Vifa , Audex and many others show up quite often .
Has anyone really built several types and compared ?
What conclusions for brands ?
Is there anywhere that someone has done this ?
I know speaker sound is very personal but would like to see what people think .
These would not be used full range as have powered sub .
Looking for very good midrange quality .
Speaker cone technology seems alot better then when I built in the late 70s , and was not really happy with my results .
So much more information now too !
Do not really want to try from scratch rather copy , looked at kits but building box appeals to me more .
At this point Dynaudio , Seas and Focal appeal to me most although will take a bit more effort to find parts .

If your looking for some objective tests of various drivers I would suggest taking a gander at John Krutke's site here .

There you will find several test/comparisons and designs explained in detail on his site.

There are some D'Appolito designs using Seas drivers like the Thor and Odin MK3 MTM kits with or without cabinets available from madisound, zalytron, and NorthCreek (and probably others).

If you search around hear you will see plenty of people that have built the Thor, Odin, or Zaph's MTM. There is a lot of information and opinions about these designs on this site. If you have any interest in them I suggest (as had been suggested to me when I first got here) to read the posts about them and see what fits your goals.

Good luck.


Have read most what is listed here , info is spread all over .
Read about Johns site in some driver comparisons .
He seems to really like the Seas !
Was hoping someone has compared built versions of the MTM style using various drivers and what was their impressions .
I also seen some referance to a curved baffel that would be interesting too , and what benifit would it be , time alignment for one ?
Has anyone built one and compared ?
The simpler ODIN design I like as not need extra bass of TL .
Living in middle of nowwhere have no chance to hear these before building .
Perhaps look for used built pair ?
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.