Crossover Upgrade for Morel Duet


2008-02-11 5:17 pm
Hi All,
I've got a pair of Morel Duets that I'd like to Upgrade the Crossover to.

I'm very new to DIY and this would be my first project.

Should I consider building an entirely new crossover network or just upgrade the existing crossover?

If just upgrading would i just upgrade the capacitors with better ones?

I really like the midrange of these speakers but the highs are a little edgy and harsh causing listening fatigue. the tweeters(as well as woofers) are the same as used in the Merlin TSM's so I know I can get better sound out of these.

any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Iain McNeill

diyAudio Moderator Emeritus
Just replacing the capacitors with same value/different brand will more than likely change the sound of the speakers and possibly for the worse. You don't know why they were originally selected.

Improving the crossover will require the use of a simulation package like PSPICE or one of the special crossover design packages.

You will need to make measurements of the raw drivers electrical impedance as well as acoustic frequency response and then import this data into your simulation package.

Then you can start playing around. See what the existing crossover does in your simulation and see if it agrees with what you are hearing. Then you can start changing things and see if it makes things better.

By going back and forth between listening to various crossover designs and modelling their performance in the simulator you can eventually navigate yourself to something that pleases you.

Pretty complex stuff but TONS of fun!!!