CATV box with CC and volume?

I am in desperate search of an analog CATV box that has Closed Captions and volume control. I use a digital video projector for watching television and I need a way to show Closed Captions on the screen for my hard of hearing gf.

I'm aware there are closed caption decoders available, but why have two separate boxes in my setup if I can find a CATV box that does CC. I would like it to have a volume control also, but CC is priority over volume.

If anyone knows a CATV box model that does CC, please please let me know.

Thank you
Thank you for the link, that looks like it would work perfectly. Its a little bit more expensive than what I had planned on spending, but it looks like it would do everything I wanted and more. The SXGA 1280 x 1024 is my projectors native resolution so that works out perfectly. I would need to buy a switch to toggle between pc/tuner so I don't' have to keep plugging and unplugging them.

I know, now your thinking "PC?", but I don't want to get a tuner card for it because I don't want to have to turn it on every time I want to watch TV.

I'm still open to anything else you wonderful people can find. Thanks again for looking velerman42.