Capacitor value incorrect - LCR meter


I ordered these capacitors from digikey(ECO-S1HP223EA) some time back and recently i got LCR meter and test results weren't so good.

I have 12 caps(22000uF) with me right now and only one is showing correct value. I am using DE-5000 LCR meter. The one cap that is showing correct value
Cap = 19.50 milliFarad
Dissipation factor - 0.115
Phase angle = -83.4
ESR = 0.00 (Its not a super capacitor :( )

All other caps are showing incorrect value, random values. Meter can't get a stable reading. Some read 2picofarad etc etc

Are all other caps bad? i doubt that. Please share if you know what could be wrong.

Try charging one up to rated voltage and then monitor the discharge rate through a 10k resistor.

If that gives a sensible answer, then reform them all slowly and retest.
Thankyou, Will do.

DE-5000 LCR meter specifications list 20,000uF as the largest capacitance the meter will measure. Results can also be affected by the test frequency you choose. The capacitors are probably good but the meter is not up to the task of measuring them.
Forgot to mention, test frequency was 120Hz.
Thankyou everyone

I charged them to 12.2V that's the max i had right now and all caps except two are now reading correct value and look healthy.
R - 1000 ohm
C - 22000uf
roughly took 2 minutes

I believe other two are good too as charging time was as expected but couldn't capture ESR, will try to charge to higher voltage and slowly.

Thankyou Andrew and everyone.