Can someone check this crossover design for me?

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Boscoe, I've been an active filter supporter for a while, and normally I'd agree that its the best way to go.

However, I'm running out of room to put the amplifiers. The one driving the Fostexes at the moment will put >100w/ch through 8ohm. I have no shortage of power. Its not seeing anything below 500Hz, either.
Most of the advantages of going active don't really apply here, so I'd rather just use the amplification I have.

The best system I've heard was a pair of 12" coaxials in 70L ported cabinets. The 12" had a whizzer cone and crossover was ~7kHz.
It'd play anything, literally louder than I can stand. 98dB@1w, and they'd stand the 600w I once put through. When the snare drum hit, it felt like your head was inside the drum. They talk about dynamic range true to the original - that's the only system I've found that'll do it.

S7, that Seas mid is far better behaved than my Fostex. I agree about the rest of it, though.
I'd've thought domes would give better dispersion than cones *shrug*.

I'll get on Boxsim at some point, I swear. Things to do elsewhere first, though.

I think everyone is agreed that a 3-way is the way to go, but 2-ways still have a fascination, being about as hard as it gets to get right. :D

Cone tweeters have an illustrious history in fact. AR did them very well. It may be the modern Vifa XT "domes" make a decent compromise in ring radiators. See it seems that cones break up much better than domes. You can see this in the phase response if you know what to look for. Once a dome breaks up, it's just about finished.

Read Robin Marshall of Epos and Monitor Audio. Clever bloke! :cool:
Been clicking away on various audio-related websites for a while, and I'm beginning to think that it'd be better to get a 4.5" midrange driver while I'm at it.

Reading through that interview (thanks for the link!) has pointed me more toward metal domes. More reading to be done.

That said, if I do go with a "proper" midrange unit, I may well open up more options for tweeter choice - the big problem is finding a tweeter to match the sensitivity of the Fostex.

Need to figure out exactly what I want to do.

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