Burning Amp Tweets

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Nelson Pass

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2001-03-29 12:38 am
I estimate that pair of Lowthers at 94 dB. The field coils are stronger, but my
favorite 16 ohm silver overhung (love that word...) voice coils normally give
only 92 dB with the regular PM6A magnets.

It is amazing how loud they can play with what would the equivalent of a
1 watt (8 ohm) amplifier.



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2012-01-01 10:23 pm
I was running 13.8V at 3 amps on each coil. They got quite hot over the
course of the day.


Mr. Pass: Please consider doing this experiment for science and fun:
  • Energize the Field Coil at 1 or 2 or 3 Amps. Temperature?
  • Energize the voice coil with a 0.5 W music power with F6.
  • Evaluate the quality of the acoustic output at each FC exitation amperage.
DIYers and I will appreciate you valuable observations.

Why $6,000 - were they wound by virgins manually?

Gee's, I have not asked Dave if he is a virgin. That would probably come as a shock to his children, but it is possible. Dave does manually wind them though, and there is a lot of copper, steel, machine work, plating, etc. involved. I won't go into the cost of business, but will say this is more a labor of love than anything.
Thanks so much for coming Bruno! Glad my niece got you to BAF safely. I have this terrible suspicion we didn't give you a chance to see the listening rooms which were on the other side of the hall. (Bruno was immediately engaged by people in the Big Room once they realized who he was.)

AES alternates between N.Y. and S.F. each year so I guess we'll try to coordinate with them again in 2014


I very much enjoyed the vibe and camaraderie at the BAF. It reminds me strongly of the European Triode Festival. Sadly I couldn't stay very long (or: had to come quite late to be exact). It was a great move to have the BAF near the AES and on the same date (although perhaps right after or right before might work even better). Anyhow, the next AES convention is October 17-20, 2013 in NY (Javits Center as usual).

@Nelson: Hope we can find some more time to chat at another occasion.


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