Burning Amp Tweets

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Here's my micro debriefing:
NP is super cool even when sleep deprived. F6 presentation was great and there are some stellar insights to be gotten from listening carefully. I have MP3.
Wayne also very cool. Spent lots of time helping a fellow DIYer with his amp.
Met Wrenchone. He brought his parallel feedback fake SIT amp.
PSz. Brought a beautifully constructed SIT amp. We just need to get it working.
Jan Didden is DIY audio's greatest cheerleader. He gave a great albeit brief presentation on feedback. I got to change slides for him, so watch for my sublime handiwork.
Brats and brotchen were yummy.
Mark Cronander has seemingly boundless energy and a contagiously positive outlook. He's an unsung hero for DIY.
That was a once in a lifetime experience for me. Highly recommended.
Not open for further replies.