Broken trace Dwm3640

I am trying to confirm if c16 is directly connected to pin 4 (+12) on this board. According to the diagram I have from the tutorial I believe it is along with lm293 pin 1 and various resistors.

I have a similar board for comparison but a slight difference. The more recent driver board has a 1k resistor connected on 1 side to pin 4 and the other side to pin 1 of lm293, c16, and other resistors.

I am assuming that c16 is not connected to the negative rail directly and is connected to the +12v on pin 4 directly on the dwm3640? Attached a few pictures to help understand where I'm going with this.

It's a hifonics thor xx I've had sitting for a while.

Also still trying to confirm values of R256 and R226.


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