Brigar Electronics


2001-04-20 8:32 pm

I had bookmarked a site called Brigar Electronics several months ago, they have motorised pots for sale at quite cheap prices.

My question was that has anybody used them at all, as they do not appear to have a secure server to take payment.

Are there any other alternatives for secure payment at these prices?


2kVA toroid

Does anyone have any experience with the 2kVA toroid they're selling for $60.00? I was toying around with purchasing one, but 16 pounds seems quite small for a 2kVA transformer, even a toroidal one.

If you add up the ratings for the secondaries that they give, I believe it comes out to 1732VA, which isn't 2kva, but it's relatively close.

I'm still quite wary about the 2kva rating and the 16 pound weight, though. One of Plitron's standard 1.5kva power transformers weighs in at about 25 pounds, for example.

Any thoughts?
ThingyNess - I bought 4 of the Brigar Toroids and have a 1.5kv Plitron unit also. The Brigar unit is very beefy but smaller than the Plitron Toroid. The difference may be in the regulation factor. The Plitron unit only sags 4% at full load. The Brigar unit may lose 10% of it's voltage at 12 amps. These were probably used in high quality class AB amps as I can't think of a MacIntosh class A amp. The Brigar transformers would probably work fine in ~ 100 watt class A power amps at 5 - 8 amps continuous draw.