Bridged amp pt.2

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Taking the tips from Promitheus, Envisionaudio, mrfeedback, Joe and others, I broke open my Optimus 4 channel/ 2 chanel bridged amplifier and did some things.

First, I found that the power supply had 2200 µF caps. I will get 4700's to pop in there. But... I may not.

I layed a thick solder bead in the primary circuit of the transformer, from the leads to the FETs. I also did some of the secondary, all the while thinking to myself "what the heck am I doing! Solder is tin and lead, and I could have used copper wire for likely the same cost!" But, I did it anyway, since I didn't have 18 gauge solid wire handy. I also fixed a loose RCA connection which was driving me crazy. One channel would occasionally pop in and out. I also resoldered all the other RCA joints, and a cheap solder joint I did with the iron and solder that came in the tool kit I got from my job. I was out of town and didn't bring my own stuff. I didn't expect to need to solder anything.



Can this amp sound any better??????

Not only is it clearer, but the bass doesn't begin to lose punch after a sustained note. It did originally, but subtly. Most people wouldn't notice, but I sure did. Every so often a kick drum would sound louder than at other times. Now everything comes through with equal punch.

And detail?? I actually heard the fingers taken off the fret of an acoustic guitar in a Peter, Paul and Mary song ("Don't think twice, it's alright") during the opening guitar riff. Holy cow! Much warmer, fuller and cleaner. Lovin' it! And I am mainly a TUBE guy.

But don't get your hopes up... I can do the same with much simpler circuitry with tubes.

Thanks to all and special thanks to EnvisionAudio who recommended the exttra solder!

Gabe, driving to work with a big smile on my face! :D :D :D
it's amazing...

It's kind of amazing what the seemingly small things you can do to car amplifiers to make them sound better. I've always believed that 80% of the sound of a car amplifier has to do with the power supply. Pyramid amplifiers USED to have some decent supplies. I have a four channel "Gold Series" version from the late 80's with a Faraday cage built around the entire PS board which is physically divided from the audio section. That's just not seen anymore.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.