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For Sale Big Heatsinks, Toroidal Transformers, Power Resistors & Chokes - Class A DIY Goodies

Things you have for sale.
A pile of big heatsinks, Plitron toroidal transformers (new), power resistors (some non inductive) and chokes. Great parts for a big Class A amplifier. Probably $1,500 CAD or more to buy, going for $400 CAD as a lot for anyone who can local pick up in Vancouver.




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Thanks e_fortier quite on point, that would be the sweet spot for these toroidal transformers. With the two primary and two secondary windings this is also quite flexible with, I believe, the option to configure for 12vac, 24vac, and 48vac secondary voltages.

From my experience having a little headroom in the iron for Nelson's designs or most any Class A amp seemed to result in a feeling of ease and drive in the sound. These would have that headroom for an F-5T.

Cheers all