Better SQ after warm up?

I think my LM1875T based amp sounds better after warm up for an hour or so.

- Anyone else have such an experience?
- Is it OK to leave these chips powered on continuously so it's ready to go when I have time for listening?

Perhaps change the power switch to just kill the tube input buffers (filament and B+), leave the +/- supply to the '1875 on continuously?

Has anyone ever used a resistive heating element to maintain thermal equilibrium when their amp is "off"? (Elaborate power switch that cuts filament and B+ to tubes, switches +/- power from '1875 amps to resistor in "off" position) I have a 4PST switch I've been saving for something for years...



2010-04-24 1:52 am
Actually I would think the "tube input buffers" would change the sound more than the chipamp after an hour warmup, but then I agree with Mark, a DBT would be the only way to know for sure.

I've not heard of using a heating element like this, but yes, it could be done. It would be easier and no problem to just leave the amp on all the time. It would cost a little more on your electric bill.