Best LCD for Xbox

shouldn't be too bad since nearly all xbox game are presented in 480p (640x480 resolution) and I believe the qa-1650 is that natively. The problem is getting your xbox to utilize the 480p features, so you would need an advanced A/V pack which i think are still around $20 at walmart. And I think that the qa-1650 is only composite, vga, and maybe s-video and to use the high definition format, you would need component inputs. That's why with my setup (proview 15.4") I used vdigi's vd-z3 transcoder. Takes in high definition (progressive scan only) and outputs to vga, depending on component input (such as 480p, 720p, 1080i). So if your game is 480p, the monitor will run at 640x480. If the game is 720p, your monitor will run at 1280(or something else not sure) by 720. I am currently using this until something better comes into a reasonable pricing range, and let me say madden 2004/2005 at 80"+ looks pretty damn good. But if you don't want high-def, simply use the composite :D