Beginner Needs Advice, Please


2013-05-09 2:29 am
Being a music lover but not having the dough for good speakers, I’m making an attempt at building them.
I ordered a kit from Creative Sound Solutions and have created a layout, documents attached, but am not sure how to connect the speakers. Do the negative lead from the tweeter, A, and the positive lead from the woofer, B, go directly to the connection with the inductor, labelled D?
Or should the two leads from the speakers be connected at C and then connected to D? If so, would that be with speaker wire?
My guess is that the two leads go directly to D, but it’s a guess and I don’t want to fry the components. Any input on the layout is also welcome. This is my first electronics project and I don’t know much about it.
View attachment Crossover Schematic.pdf

View attachment Crossover Layout.doc
Either way would be correct. A wire connection is essentially Zero Ohms, and the schematic shows the negative of the tweeter, the positive of the woofer and one end of the inductor connected with wires. So either way of connecting there is no resistance between the three points.

The connection to the one end of the inductor is rather busy, so I'd suggest connecting the neg. terminal of the tweeter to the positive terminal of the woofer with a first wire. Then connect a second wire to the neg. terminal of tweeter and the inductor.