Back to Basics.. (sorry)


2007-12-01 11:16 am
Ladies and Gents, no sniggering at the back please.

I'm hoping you can help. Have repossessed my (old old old) system after a few years and need to know the very basics to stop me blowing the thing up once re-connected. Real novice stuff, i have tried the FAQs (trust me) and the manuals are long lost.

Equipment - Marantz CD63SE CD player
- Rotel RC970BX Pre-amp. RB970BX Power (300W, 4ohm stereo/8 ohm bridged)
- TDL RTL3s (series? parallel?) speakers

Here goes - from the power amp (do i use the bridged mono or stereo setting?). Do i have to connect the speaker cables whereby the 'left channel' of each side of the cable goes to the left female red/black banana jack of the speaker? Or do i 'cross-over' the cables? See the image pls.
Are my CableTalk interconnects directional? I'm guessing not, but they do have arrows of sorts on them.

While i understand this is real basic stuff, i'm hoping you understand why i would ask the experts. Fingers (but not cables?) crossed.

Much obliged,



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1. Use the stereo if you have two speakers.

2. Left to left and right to right. Make sure your polarity is correct and your bass will be reduced considerably. The way they are now is incorrect. You want a red and black going to each speaker.

3. If your interconnects are directional, well, never mind, use the arrows to avoid any warranty concerns (kidding) Point the arrows toward the amp.

4. Report back.


2007-12-01 11:16 am
Cal and Sreten,

Many thanks for your time. My speaker cable question concerning the cross over, i've (obviously) got the colours right, but it's the fact that, leaving the amp, the speaker cable splits from two (left side of photo) to four at the speaker end.
I'm just wondering whether the two 'left' sides of the cable has to hit the top row of speaker inputs (the tweeter? midrange?) and the two right sides hit the lower inputs? Or do i 'cross over'?

Cheers guys..


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