Audio Insanity?


2001-12-27 4:01 am
i gave up the opportunity to own the Marantz Dv-18 mkii and the Sr - 19EX for less then half price, am i crazy??

the thing is, i couldnt hear a difference in the stereo performance between it and my current setup, sony str535 amp, sony 725 dvd.

Is there something wrong with me?? Do i need to invest some serious money before getting decent stereo sound, what are some good stereo amps for say $1000 AUD??


2002-01-07 6:02 pm
Heard the term audiophool?

That's someone who upgrades because they think they should, or because, like you, they get offerred a great deal. Then they spend heaps of time, effort and bandwidth rationalising a choice they made for any one of a number of different reasons, none of which usually have anything to do with getting closer to the music.

If you can't hear a difference, and it costs you money to change, where is the value in that? Perhaps as a learning experience?

Upgrade when you find something that REALLY appeals to you and you can afford. Then just relax and take pleasure in it.

Enjoy your sanity.