ATC SCM100ASL speakers

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Has anyone here ever heard of the ATC company in England, and their line of SCM speakers? A friend of mine has a pair of scm100 speakers that he bought new for $50000 or so he says... Does anybody have any ideas what they would sell for now (used)???
I have auditioned the set that my friend owns and they are a truly amazing set of speakers. I have never heard another system that sounded so clean, well placed, balanced, symmetrical, powerful, uncolored and pure! When you listen to these speakers with a good transport and DAC and front end with bal O/P's, YOU ARE THERE!, at the recording studio/live hall whatever.:D
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Hi Duo

I have not heard those models, but ATC started off as a very high end studio monitor manufacturer, and still have a good market share in this area.

In fact, if you ever listen to anything recorded in the UK or Ireland, it was probably monitored at some stage on a set of ATCs.

As too value, I have no idea, strangely people don't seem to sell them once they have bought them!!!


The most notable aspect of ATM speakers (starting with the SCM50 model) is their proprietary 3" dome midrange driver, also used in several other top notch professional monitors.

I have the ATC mid range driver in a monitor made by Nelson-Reed, who went out of business after an earthquake destroyed their factory in California. It is a great sounding speaker, only bettered in my opinion by certain ribbon speakers that I now listen to most of the time.

There is an excellent DIY way to get ATC speakers. Wilmslow Audio in the UK has an exclusive kit for both the ATC50 and 100:, which will probably cost less than buying used ATC's. Also consider Wilmslow's own speaker kit, which uses the ATC dome midrange but better tweaters and woofers than ATC for even less money:
hi duo !

yes i got mine from new, i paid $ 7000......the best money i ever spend.
these speakers are amazing. one of there secrets is of cause the 3" mid dome but the designers capabilities shouldn't be underestimated either. the 3 driveunits are very well integrated - much better than most other brands. the speakers are very easy to set up also - large or small room - no problems.
if you want a pair, please do your self a favor and get the active model - the one with built in electronic crossover and 3 amps.
the active is way better than the passive...allways!!!!!
its easy to find a used pair of the atc 100sla or 50sla, i have seen several for sale in the uk for about £ 3500 and £5000...good luck
hi clyde !
yes i know that wilmslow also sell the active ones but i personally would go for a used pair of the scm 100sla.
a one year old pair (black ash) just went fot £ 3400 on
and the wilmslow version is NOT identical with the original atc.

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Hi all,

A friend have a pair of ATC 300A and are impressive. Al others sound bad in comparation, but the price are equaly impressive.

In the professional field have many others with very high quality and more reasonable prices. The active solution are the best for sound quality.

A example can be the Mackie HR824.

Please try in:

Are extraordinary loudspeakers for a fair price.

Many other companys, as Tannoy, Dinaudio, Spendor, etc. have professionals versions, and are bery best than your domestic production. See in the Net.

Happy days,

Raúl Couto

There are two models of this ATC20SL loudspeakers,the older model using the vifa tweeters and the latest model using the seas tweeters.

1.What are the differences btw these two models interms of
sound qualities;
2.Schematic of their crossovers;
3.Comments on modifications done by ATC owners.


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DUO if u r out there i have ATA scm100ASL's for SALE

I have been doing some research trying to find current information on these ATA scm100 ASL moniters. If you are at all interested in these please feel free to contact me. I live in Windsor Ontario Canada.

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